Monday, 16 February 2015

My Kale Smoothie Experience

I love visiting Dooney.  She is a lady after my very own heart who has opened my eyes on loads of culinary shortcuts.  Dooney has been educating us on how vile her kale smoothies are.  This made me curious as I had recently jumped on the kale bandwagon - kale chips inclusive.  I use it in soups, stews, yam porridge, as a substitute for spinach and efo and in my eyes, kale can do no wrong.  I haven't had a kale smoothie yet so I decided to experiment and see how it would go.

Cue One - I head to my freezer and dig out some kale I had bought earlier which had been chopped and saved in freezer bags.  Got some fruit from the fridge, some ice from the freezer and dug out my faithful old food processor.  Surely blended kale wouldn't be as vile as it has been portrayed?  I love making my smoothies with with good old plain water.  Sparkling water sometimes but generally still water or tap water is good enough.  I pop a portion of the chopped kale into the processor, add some ice cubes - I love my smoothies served cold on tap and hit the button.  A couple of seconds later, and voila! My kale smoothie!

Ok Dooney - Its not as vile as I was made to believe.  Its actually full of green goodness. All that healthy vitamins and roughage.  I think the roughage for me is the best part.  You just need an element of 'maturity' to savour the green goodness.  For those of you who don't like your kale smoothie plain, I think you can experiment with juice, yogurt etcetera etcetera!! The sky is your limit!

Ok - I may not agree the plain kale smoothie is vile but it is not my everyday thing and you might need a heart of steel to down it all in a go without shuddering.  So, I decided to add some 'extra goodness' in the form of some more fruits to my kale smoothie.  I chopped a banana, apple and pear, chucked them into my processor, added some ice cubes and whizzed away!!  Oh - and some chopped kale of course!  The end result was yummy.  The banana added loads of sweetness and the pear, apple and kale gave it some roughage.  I had enough to fill two tall glasses.  Breakfast on the go for the next couple of days is sorted.

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