Sunday, 22 February 2015

Berrilicious Smoothies

New Years are synonymous with new year resolutions.  I did not make any this year and I do not think I have made any resolutions for a couple of years now - just a strong and silent determination to try and eat right and healthy.  Delving into smoothies is my way of achieving that goal.

Today, I decided to experiment some more.  I looked into the fridge and saw that I had some strawberries, blueberries and bananas.  I decided to throw them together and make a quick smoothie.  While I was at it, I remembered that I had some leftover oats in the cupboard and got those out too.  Did I mention I love roughage in my smoothies?  The oats would see to that.  Out came my processor and we are good to go.

Banana - washed and chopped.  Blueberries - washed, strawberries - washed.  Oats - check. Ice cubes - check and we are good to go.  I dump  all my ingredients into the processor, pour a cup of cold water and whizz away.  I love making my smoothies with good old still or sparkling water.  You can try substituting yoghurt, coconut milk, milk etcetera, etcetera in place of water when making your smoothie.

Voila!! A lovely fruity summery smoothie!! It might not yet be summer but permit me to borrow the term.

I had some fruit leftover and so I decided to make another variant of my fruity smoothie by substituting oats with kale - good old kale.  A step in the right direction of focusing on a healthy new me,

Banana - check, Strawberries - check, Ice cubes - check, Kale - check, blueberries - check and again, I whizz away after adding a cup of water.

Voila!! This is greener than my first smoothie but it is just the way I love it!! Cold, healthy and full of green goodness.

P.S:  It tasted yummy to me but if you feel your smoothie is not sweet enough, you can add a few spoons of honey to yours for an extra zing!!

                                                       My berrilicious smoothies!!                

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